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Partner Recognition Program

The Partner Recognition Program allows our Affiliate Members an opportunity to tailor their advertising and sponsor contributions to their specific needs. This program includes the regular Annual Affiliate Membership and offers our Vendors the convenience of streamlining their operations for their generous contributions and commitments they make to the Association during the year by combining multiple expenses and request for contributions into a onetime annual sponsorship. We feel that this option will provide extra exposure and be an additional benefit and convenience to our Affiliate Members.

Member Courses & Photos

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Waterloo, IL
Justin Wrench – Supt

Granite City, IL
Kyle Smith – Supt

Kelsey Smith – Assistant Supt

Woodriver, IL
Jim Van Ravenswaay – Supt

Jackson, Mo
Greg Choate – Supt

Breese, IL
Paul Smith – Supt

Benton, IL
Scott Simpson – Supt

Carmi, IL
Dave Hall – Supt

Charleston Country Club

Charleston, IL
Dan Ochs – Supt

Sandoval, IL
Randy Thornton – Supt

Columbia, IL
Tom Brown – Supt


Columbia, IL
Tom Brown – Supt

Effingham, IL
Andrew Decker – Supt

Belleville, IL
Bill Ross – Supt (Retired)

Madison, IL
Steve Leach – Director of Agronomy
Kyle Stratman – Supt

Gateway National Golf Links
Hole #15

Caseyville, IL
Brian Borah – Supt

West Frankfort , IL
Curt Lee- GM

Carlyle, IL 62231
Kirk Provart Clubhouse Manager

Mt Vernon, IL
Chris Ashby – Supt

Centralia, IL
Carl Krieg – Superintendent

Carbondale, IL
Trey Anderson – Supt

Carbondale, IL
Jay Batson – Supt

Marion, IL
Josh Gaebe – Supt

Mattoon, IL
Herb Bricker- Supt

Metropolis, IL
– Supt

Nashville, IL
Josh Evans – Supt

Edwardsville, IL
Kevin Doyle- Supt

Edwardsville, IL
– Supt

Percy, IL
Rusty Eihlers – Supt

Tamaroa, IL
Peter Schneider – Supt

Whittington, IL
Pete Hunter – Supt

Okawville, IL
Alex Eade – Supt

Travis Kuhn – Assistant Supt

Salem, IL
Brad Blankenship – Supt

Alton, IL
Tim Johnson – Supt

Johnston City, IL
James Gray – Supt

Caseyville, IL
Steve Leach – Supt

Edwardsville, IL
Steve Velsor – Supt

Shiloh, IL
Stephen Douty – Supt

Belleville, IL

Chesterfield, Mo
Steve Swarringin – Supt

Staunton, IL
Terrance Rucker – Supt

Greenville, IL
Jeff McDonald – Supt

Waterloo, IL
Emmet Rusteberg – Supt

Poplar Bluff, MO
Travis Whiteley – Supt

Affiliate Members/Vendors

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Advanced Turf Solutions

Mark Toennies

618 5707887

Advanced Turf Solutions

Jeff Olsen

630 235 0104


Michael Miracle


Chad Hauth

630 945 2123

Erb Turf Equipment

Justin Kried

618 4105436

MPR Supply

Mike Hartman

314 575 6498

Prime Source

Mike Daugherty

618 513 5001


Jim Ellis

217 840 7802

Redexim Turf Products

John Soetaert


314 691 3190

Naturalake Biosciences

Landon Wiet



Battery Specialists / Club Car

EZGO Cushman

George Hobbs

913 515 9877


Andy Morris


Gateway Turf Support

Blake Anderson

859 351 0762


Bob Ajemian


Ron Exler

314 3306357


Chase Welch

636 284 4136

Turf Guru

Cris Lewis

314 973 1785

R.G. Robinson seed & Service

Ben Kramer

314 427 0300

R.G. Robinson seed & Service

Glenn Kramer

314 427 0300


Steve Mulvey


Ryan Madden

314 575 1445


Jamie Howard

217 462 6878

Heartland Turf Farms Inc

MTI Distributing

Bill Maynard

314 313 7886

MTI Distributing

Schaefer-Meyer Seed Sod

Bob Ajemian

314 575 1454

Site One

Rick Delargy


314 956 1091

Site One

Ben Scanio


314 713 8599

Site One

Todd Thomas


618 513 9055