2019 Calendar of Events

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         Upcoming  2019 SIGCSA Calendar of Events        

August:           No Meeting Scheduled

Gene Schulte Memorial Scholarship Application Deadline   September 1st

(For Scholarship Application: Please contact John Kueper at jkueper50@gmail.com ) or online at   sigcsa.com

September:         Stonewolf GC,          Caseyville, IL           Wednesday    9/25    (Fundraiser, 4 person scramble,)                          

October              Arlington Greens      Collinsville, IL          Wednesday   10/16    (Annual meeting & election of Officers)

November    Gateway PGA Golf Summit Seminar             Thursday      11/21    (Forest Hills CC, St Louis, Mo)

December    MVGCSA  Shop Tour   Norwood Hills CC                TBA      

 Note:  Dates may be subject to change!                 

For further info contact :    jkueper50@gmail.com